A little over 3 days to launch……preview FOUR.

Southern Decay Media will not solely cover the latest and greatest.  Welcome Adam to the staff.



This cat’s the old fart on the block. Born in 1971.  Raised and still lives in Texas. He has been through it all….70’s punk, the New Wave and heavy metal heydays of the 80’s, the grunge of the 90’s and a limited scene in the new millennium. To this day he still has an extreme distaste for mainstream “music” and is always on the lookout for the new cool. His idols include Johnny Rotten, Billy Idol, Bruce Dickenson, Steve Vai, Blackie Lawless and Billy Sheehan. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, five Dachshunds and two cats. Having worked at the Atomic Cafe and Elysium on Red River, he has seen just about enough of the weird and twisted to keep his head screwed on straight without screaming in to the night.

Tonight Southern Decay held something of a staff meeting.  There are big things and big ideas in the works.  Stay.  Tuned.

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