Launch is TOMORROW at 10PM CST. More news now!

After meeting with one of our columnists, at this time can confirm podcasts will happen.  We can’t say who will be on these podcasts or when the first one will be, but there are some big ideas in the works.

Today we announce two more contributors.


After years of traveling the world from Europe to Canada, Liber XI found himself a denizen of San Antonio Texas. Immersion into the South Texas metal scene was imminent. Often traveling from Austin, Houston to Dallas and back again. Always keeping a close eye and ear on quality music that deserves to be heard. Liber XI likes philosophical musings of thelema, Metal and traveling. Dislikes too many things to list here.


ImageTristan Spears was born into a religious family and found his escape in metal at young age. At 15 he hit the open road and traveled all over the U.S. and Canada bangin as many chicks as possible to the best metal every written. Six years ago he arrived in Austin, TX and made it his home. In 2010 he started Motorbreath Entertainment as way to help his friends bands get good shows. It took off quickly and he has booked such acts as Destruction, Exhorder, WARBEAST, Heathen, 3 inches of blood, and many, many more.

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