Review: Obeisance/Perversion/Nekrofilth/Terminated/Reaper @ Ultra Lounge, Chicago IL 8/17/13

Contributed by Malaking Gulo

I would like to start off my first column with a very recent experience I had on Saturday (8/17/13) at a show in Chicago’s Ultra Lounge venue. The show was set up months in advance by one very dedicated individual in the Chicago metal scene. Thanks to this person I am well informed of upcoming shows in the city. It really helps since I reside an hour north of downtown Chicago.


I had decided to take the train down to the show this time around since the venue was much closer to a station and I wanted more than the 2 drinks I usually have if I drive. Arriving at the Ultra Lounge, there were plenty of people as well as vendors. Chicago has a very strong metal underground with many dedicated people to keep it alive. The bands hadn’t started yet so I checked out the tables of merch. Rummaging through the LP’s and CD’s I noticed about 8 copies of Hades Archer – For the Diabolical Ages, one of my favorite albums.

Around this time the first band started their cacophony. It was Reaper, a Detroit band. Their onslaught was a thrashy and slightly crusty one. The band put up an impressive display with their front man hoarding all corners of the knee high stage. I would recommend this band to people who like their metal slightly crusty.

Next up was Terminate, a local Illinois death metal band. They had generously loaned out their drums to all the bands to use. Terminate is a very solid death metal band. Heavy use of the old school Swedish death metal formula, which I approve as I am a big fan of the old Swedeath bands. Check out this track:

Cleavland sleazes, Nekrofilth were the next barrage of riffs and chaos. I first heard this band when they did the split with Speedwolf, because I’m a Speedwolf junkie and anything related to them gets my automatic interest. Nekrofilth ripped and shredded. Their brand of sleazy death metal crossover fusion really riled me up. One of the things I’m most picky about is mixing metal and punk. Hardly any bands pull it off, but Nekrofilth did it so well. I was hooked and had to buy their Worship Destruction tape. Here’s a track by Nekrofilth:


Next up was another Detroit band by the name of Perversion. Perversion was on the line-up supporting their new album “Storm of Evil” which is available for order on their Facebook page.  Perversion had really stepped up since their earlier releases with “Storm of Evil”. Perversion had cast a shroud of evil black/death/thrash over the venue. It was a bestial assault that I did not expect from them. If you get the chance, listen to Perversion and experience evil thrash a la Cruel Force, Ketzer and early Toxic Holocaust.


The last band of the night was chaotic bestial black metal band, Obeisance. I had seen Obeisance previously before at Rites of Darkness II and they slayed then and they slayed last Saturday night. I was initially worried I would have to miss Obeisance due to having to catch the last train out of Chicago and not getting a ride back until 11 the next morning. I met up with a friend before Obseisances’ set, a veteran and integral part of Chicago’s underground metal scene. I let him know of my situation since I knew he had experienced the same thing I had before. He let me know to have at least $40 for a room at motel and that we’d head over there after the show. I knew a motel that cheap and available couldn’t be that great to stay in but I put it out of my mind to enjoy the chaotic war noise that Obeisance is. Obeisance would’ve been the nail in the coffin of casual metal listeners attending. Mastodon and Red Fang listeners stand clear for metal heathens worshiping black/death chaos. If you’ve heard of Obeisance then you’ve probably already heard other great bands of similar sound (e.g. Black Witchery, Morbosidad, Proclamation, etc…). If Obeisance is playing in your town, you better fukkin’ see them. Here, blast this into your ear drums:


After all the chaos of the bands settled down, my friend and another guy and I headed down to the motel. My friend was talking about a bar right next to the motel that was open until 5am. It was 2am by that point and I was already pretty wasted with beer and metal so I felt like knocking myself out on a shitty bed. This of course was after going to the bar for an hour and drinking more beer. I left my friend and his compadre in the bar for the night and headed to my room.

As soon as I went through the lobby doors to the stairs to go up 3 floors I immediately noticed a dreadful smell. This was followed by several people who looked like they’d been on heroin since the day they were born. If you were to put these people on the street outside, you would not be able to discern them from your run-of-the-mill hobos. Each step I took up the stairs creaked and I desperately tried to avoid the worsening smell that kept rising with me. The building didn’t look like it had any renovations since the 60s. I tried for 3 minutes to unlock my door, having to shove it open with my shoulder.

I awoke only 4 hours later with a severe hangover on a bed that didn’t feel as hard as it did 4 hours prior. As I got up I felt slight tingly sensations on my arms and realized there were a few bed bugs on them. I had only heard of bed bugs at that point and the sight of them really disturbed me. I threw them all off me, got my things and headed down to check out of the motel. I traversed a hallway and stairwell of unusual smells again and turned in my keys. After eating breakfast and meeting up with my friend, we walked to the train station and headed back home. It was an unbelievable weekend and I absolutely do not regret it; especially the motel. Know that it is never a dull night in the Windy City, especially while there is a show supporting the true metal!

Fuck off poser scum,
Malaking Gulo


malaking gulo

3 years ago Malaking Gulo descended upon the heathen state of Illinois. Malaking has attended various shows and gatherings within the Chicago underground metal scene. The scriptures Malaking provides are those of past and future shows, and matters of opinion on current events of the underground. Malaking’s compositions will adhere strictly to the law of the true metal underground. Lastly, Malaking will always remind us that ALL POSERS MUST FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!  


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