Thrash Fans

Contributed by Tristan Spears

We asked our local TX THRASH fans what Thrash is to them.

Who got them in to Thrash?

Why Thrash?

I have been into thrash since the beginning…day one – thanks to my older brother for getting me into it.

I clearly remember the day slayer was coming out and getting ready to release Show no Mercy- seeing the advertisement in a magazine.

– to me thrash is my fav style of metal- the speed of it- the thunderous drum beats and the thrashy style vocals- love it – who wouldn’t love it.? – Victor Guerro

“Fast. Loud. Heavy.aggression. Attitude. Power” – Brandon Hunt – Numbskull Guitarist

1.  I was exposed to metal when I was around 11 or 12. My cousin Joe introduced me to VENOM, SLAYER and POSSESSED.

And I first saw KREATOR on a vhs cassette he lent me. My biggest influence for thrash however was my cousin Victor. He got every single album, cassette and thrash CD he could.

 We would jam all day at his house and he loaned me everything. I bet he gas one of the most extensive collections of THRASH.

THRASH is come as you are. Invite everyone over to hang out and BBQ.

I love THRASH. Makes me excited just to say it. When I hear THRASH I gotta bang my head, throw the horns up and jump in the pit! I’ve tried to stay in the back and not rage but each time I’ve been unsuccessful.

I have retired from pits but haven’t been able to stay in retirement long. Ha. I’ve retired and come back more times than Bret Favre. 

3. THRASH did not become my favorite. It’s been my favorite and remains to be my favorite. THRASH is what I grew up with.

I actually had to go back and learn about Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead and the other greats. I have a very diverse taste in music.

I like Opera, Symphony, Tejano, Rancheras, Chicano rap, latin hip jop, Old school country, and of course Johnny Cash. But all of that does not compare to how much I truly enjoy THRASH.

Not that I’m saying you have to dress a certain way or act a certain way but your either THRASHER or your not. 

Same subject different issue. ..

“I can’t stand all those damn bands calling themselves THRASH and they aren’t even close!” – Tony Rivera

                        THIS IS MY CROSSOVER THRASH

We always think of Thrash starting with Metallica.We always think of D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies, Cro-Mags, M.O.D. and S.O.D. and a fuck ton more as Crossover.

What about the Swedish hardcore scene in the early 80’s, before Metallica and everyone else? To me bands like Ant-Cimex and Mob 47, Driller Killer and Wolfpack (2 bands that came out of the Anti-Cimex split) that is Crossover.

Anti-Cimex released their first LP in 81’ even before Metallica honed the THRASH we love today. Of course it’s more punk based, but it is THRASH as fuck for the time and especially for just coming out of the 70’s.

You can call it D-Beat, you can call it hardcore, Swedish hardcore, hard core punk, call it whatever the fuck you want. Its My Crossover!

Here’s a small list of MY CROSSOVER BANDS you should check out.

1. Anti-Cimex
2. Mob 47



Tristan Spears was born into a religious family and found his escape in metal at young age. At 15 he hit the open road and traveled all over the U.S. and Canada bangin as many chicks as possible to the best metal every written. Six years ago he arrived in Austin, TX and made it his home. In 2010 he started Motorbreath Entertainment as way to help his friends bands get good shows. It took off quickly and he has booked such acts as Destruction, Exhorder, WARBEAST, Heathen, 3 inches of blood, and many, many more.

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