My Iron Maiden/Megadeth Experience – Austin, TX 9/10/13

Contributed by Tristan Spears of Motorbreath Entertainment


It was my first going to the Austin 360 amphitheater, and I was excited!

After traveling 25 miles and going through a few rain storms I reached the venue, and not a cloud in sight. I parked the car, rolled down all the windows, cranked Judas Priest, opened the trunk, popped open the cooler, and cracked open a Pabst Blue Ribbon. This day was going to be the best show of the year in my mind. It was 6 o’clock when I arrived, so I had plenty of drinking time. The show wasn’t supposed to start until 7:30. So I’m putting back those Pabst, and now jammin a little Helloween.  6:45 rolls around and I figure its time to start heading to the show.

A pedicab rolls by and hes playing Diamond Head on his boom box, so of course I get on.  We roll away to the main gate. I get in line, but then realize I gotta fuckin piss! I see the porta-potty, yes the ONE single porta-potty. I get in that line, and 20 fucking minutes later I get to take my piss. I literally run back to the line to get in. This line takes forever. It’s about 7:19 by now. What’s that I hear in the distance…MEGADETH. They started early for some reason! So I’m getting pissed that missing one of my top 5 favorite bands of all fuckin time! 3 or 4 songs go by and I finally get to the ticket taker. He scans my credit card, prints out a ticket and then says, “now you go to that line and get your GA PIT bracelets”. I’m like WHAT THE FUCK!   I’m missing one of my favorite Megadeth tunes, In My Darkest Hour. I finally get my PIT pass and fucking run to the pit. I get to the pit in the middle of Sweating Bullets. I see Dave up on stage in his full Mustaine persona. Then it hits me, I have finally arrived! The crowd get wild, my beer sloshes, my voice bellows out… Hello Me Meet the Real Me… Megadeth fuckin ruled Chris Broderick tore it up during Tornado of Souls and when David started the opening riff to Peace Sells I almost lost it! Megadeth is a well oiled machine. Even despite Dave’s newly found religious beliefs. I don’t judge. Just don’t stop playing the classics is all I ask. Megadeth ends with Holy Wars. That fuckin opening riff just forces my hands into horns. Megadeth is over now.

I go for another beer and along the way see a few people I haven’t seen in years and a few other from the Metal family. I get my beer and then back into the pit to get my spot for IRON MAIDEN. I decide to do a personal inventory check and discover my car keys are GONE! So I start freaking, and frantically searching the crowded pit. I talk to security to see if they’ve been turned in, but no luck. Security said “don’t worry about it now. I’ll help you find them after the show. Go enjoy yourself”. That was a nice, but how the hell am I going to enjoy myself when all I can think of is where are my keys, how am I getting home, I don’t want to sleep here, etc.

The lights go down and the fog rises and IRON MAIDEN runs out onto the stage. My favorite band in the whole world is 20 feet from me and I can’t enjoy it. This sucks! Is all I kept thinking.  The times I could actually focus on Maiden, it was, as usual, spectacular. Always a grand performance. Bruce with power house vocals and costume changes. He also had hair changes too which I thought was odd, but fuck it its BRUCE DICKINSON. Adrian and Janeck, and Dave all played their hearts out. When Eddie came on stage I felt like a kid again. Like it was the first time I was hearing Iron Maiden and seeing Eddie. The stage show was awesome. Sparks, flames, all the pyrotechnics a fan wants to see. SCREAM FOR ME AUSTIN TEXAS!!!!!

Iron Maiden is and was spectacular.

The show wrapped up at about 10:45 and Maiden didn’t do an encore.
The pit starts clearly out and begin again to look for my keys. (I’ll give you the short version) After roaming back and forth 10 times with 3 people searching, we have no luck. Its about 11:40 now and still no keys! So I start walking towards the exit. Out of the fog and pissed off mist my brain is in, I hear Angel Longoria call my name. I had seen her earlier in the pit and told her of my misfortune. She was with Laura Mayfield and her man Jerry. Angela asked how the search went. When I told her I came up empty, she was generous enough to offer me a ride home. Especially because it was on their way. (Those ladies are a big part of our Metal Family and I want to give some big metal love to them!!) Off we went, and before I new it, it was home sweet home.

I got up at 5 am the next morning and grabbed my other sets of keys. From north Austin I took 2 buses to get to the airport and then a cab to the venue.  Upon arrival, I saw my car.  Alone.



Tristan Spears was born into a religious family and found his escape in metal at young age. At 15 he hit the open road and traveled all over the U.S. and Canada bangin as many chicks as possible to the best metal every written. Six years ago he arrived in Austin, TX and made it his home. In 2010 he started Motorbreath Entertainment as way to help his friends bands get good shows. It took off quickly and he has booked such acts as Destruction, Exhorder, WARBEAST, Heathen, 3 inches of blood, and many, many more.


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