Review: Pistol Whipping a Blind Kid’s EP “PWABK”

Contributed by Malaking Gulo


Hails! Malaking Gulo is here once again with another review.

I’m happy to be speaking my mind on Pistol Whipping a Blind Kid from Hell Paso, TX and their EP “PWABK”. I was surprised listening to it since I was expecting a grindcore or possibly powerviolence sound from their name. Despite that, PWABK delivered a hardcore influenced, thrash infused Gothenburg melodeath sound. It shares many of the same qualities as the At the Gates album “Slaughter of the Soul”, such as the heavier sound and relentless riffs. First thing I’m going to say is that I’m not a huge fan of Gothenburg melodeath. It’s just a sound that hasn’t held my interest too much beyond a couple select albums. I can appreciate the appeal people see though. With this EP, the music is constant with no stopping for frilly interludes. The thrashy output gives this band a unique sound.

Each song has a good progression that keeps the music interesting. Tracks are also very well paced. There were aspects I couldn’t get into though, one being the production. Metal music for me has to have a sort of rougher quality to it and when bands produce a release that doesn’t include the original timbre then the quality is lowered for me. Another is the contemporary metalcore (All that Remains, As I Lay Dying, etc…) sound I hear from the band. There are a few notable uses of breakdowns and similar riffing styles to the metalcore bands I’ve mentioned already, who are coincidentally heavily influenced by “Slaughter of the Soul”. As a whole, I feel the EP loses strength as you progress through the tracks. If you listen to any tracks of this EP, listen to “Deviant Lust”. Overall, I give this EP a 3 out 5. This EP is for fans of Gothenburg melodeath (early In Flames, later At the Gates, etc…) I wouldn’t mind listening to a newer release of theirs.

Check out their EP below and donate if you can.


malaking gulo

3 years ago Malaking Gulo descended upon the heathen state of Illinois. Malaking has attended various shows and gatherings within the Chicago underground metal scene. The scriptures Malaking provides are those of past and future shows, and matters of opinion on current events of the underground. Malaking’s compositions will adhere strictly to the law of the true metal underground. Lastly, Malaking will always remind us that ALL POSERS MUST FUCK OFF AND DIE!!


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