ALBUM REVIEW: Joel Grind’s Yellowgoat Sessions

Contributed by Tristan Spears of Motorbreath Entertainment


Earlier this year, the Yellowgoat sessions were unleashed upon us all.  You can preview and purchase it from Hell’s Headbangers or get it on cassette here,

The intro track, Ascension, brings on images of waking through the Norwegian forest on a dark moonlit night and stumbling upon an incantation in the name of our dark lord.

Then out of the flames rises the first track, Hell’s Master of Hell. It rips with all the rawness of Bathory and early Venom.

Keeping with the raw of the old school, track 3, Vengeance Spell is more in the lines of early Motorhead with simple rhythms that call to you and perfectly placed solos to create the perfect package.

The 4th track, Foul Spirit Within, leans towards Satyricon’s Fuel for Hatred era while still keeping Joel’s style of blackened thrash and originality.

Cross Damnation opens with what sounds like a possessed priest, then busts into probably the best track on the album, delivering an old raw feel with its non stop rock’n’metal riffs.

I’ve given you the first 5 tracks to The Yellowgoat Sessions. I could give away the rest, but this is by far an album that belongs on the “I MUST CHECK THIS SHIT OUT” list of any true metal fan. I’m just sayin… The riffs on the album definitely hold up to anything Joel has done so far.

Be sure to check out the new Toxic Holocaust album, Chemistry of Consciousness. Comes out October 29th on Relapse records.  Preview and pre-order it here.



Tristan Spears was born into a religious family and found his escape in metal at young age. At 15 he hit the open road and traveled all over the U.S. and Canada bangin as many chicks as possible to the best metal every written. Six years ago he arrived in Austin, TX and made it his home. In 2010 he started Motorbreath Entertainment as way to help his friends bands get good shows. It took off quickly and he has booked such acts as Destruction, Exhorder, WARBEAST, Heathen, 3 inches of blood, and many, many more


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For those into boobs, metal, and helping out defenseless animals, Motorbreath Entertainment is hosting it’s TITTIES 4 KITTIES benefit this Sunday, Sept 22nd at the Dirty Dog on 6th Street in Austin, TX benefiting Austin Pets Alive.  Wet t-shirt contest, metal, and charity.  What a wonderful mix!  Donations are accepted at the door.  Go on out and have some fun.



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