A Brief Review of Death In June in Chicago 9/16/13

Contributed by Malaking Gulo

Now I didn’t realize how big the fanbase is for Di6 until I came to the venue and actually had to wait outside for 30 minutes. But then again, this is in Chicago. Due to the long wait I actually ended up missing the supporting act, a band called Et-Nihil as I recall. I was fine with missing them since I hadn’t listened to any of their music yet.

Now I need to give a little background with my experience of Death In June before seeing this show. Several years back I wanted to broaden my horizons with music. I had heard about “neofolk” and that Di6 was a prominent band for that type of music. I was intrigued and found the album Rose Clouds of Holocaust. I had listened to the album once but at the time it didn’t stick and eventually I forgot about the band until a few years later. Only recently did I pick up All Pigs Must Die and actually fell in love with the sound. The sombre and melancholic melodies that would gradually turn to noise.

I was very ecstatic when Di6 would be playing in Chicago once again after 10 years. Now since getting into the music I hadn’t explored their discography further than Rose Clouds of Holocaust, All Pigs Must Die and songs on youtube I would cycle through at work. This meant that half of the songs I would hear I would’ve never heard before the show. This didn’t mean each of the songs didn’t strike me as hard as the songs I knew, just that I didn’t have the familiarity.

When I finally got into the venue I hit the merch table. I already knew at least 2 things I wanted. A patch and CD I hadn’t heard yet. Many of the CDs were actually sold out, but I got exactly what I wanted.

I was to the right and not too far from the stage when I found a spot to stand. The venue was filled. I only wished people would support the underground metal scene as much people did for Di6. It was about another 30 minutes until Di6 came onto the stage. When they started though, they started fierce and strong. It was a different feeling than I usually get a metal show. The way both members pounded the drums and used chimes as well was very invigorating. It was about 15 minutes in before both members took their masks off and played just with military drab parkas. Douglas wore shorts under his parka, which a got a chuckle out of me and picture from a guy in front of me.

2013-09-16 22.36.09

Di6 played damn near every one of their popular songs. Douglas P, the main contributor of Di6, took requests halfway through. Very eager to please his “Chickadees” as he referred to the audience. About an hour in, both members left the stage to signal the end of the set but nobody in the audience stopped clapping or cheering. Nobody moved from the spot they were standing in. It only took a minute or two for both members of Di6 to reclaim the stage and take up requests once more. They played All Pigs Must Die and it really made me happy to hear it live finally. They never got around to playing The Enemy Within, which is probably my second favorite tune of theirs after APMD. Di6 ended the show with a looped tape that kept playing for about 5 minutes after the group left the stage for the final time of the night. An amazing performance. One that I won’t forget any time soon.

One thing that did concern me though, was the threat of anti-fascist action on the show. I was relieved to find no indication of any anti-fa action throughout the whole night.

malaking gulo

3 years ago Malaking Gulo descended upon the heathen state of Illinois. Malaking has attended various shows and gatherings within the Chicago underground metal scene. The scriptures Malaking provides are those of past and future shows, and matters of opinion on current events of the underground. Malaking’s compositions will adhere strictly to the law of the true metal underground. Lastly, Malaking will always remind us that ALL POSERS MUST FUCK OFF AND DIE!!

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