State of Decay: A Message from Dear Leader

Hello readers.

Disclaimer:  I will be switching between “I” and “we” a lot during this write-up.  I don’t like taking credit for things but we are glad you are all along for the ride.

I am your Dear Leader.  I wanted to post this message as a thank you for the support from all of you thus far and provide you with some details about who we are and what we do.


We are Southern Decay Media.  I started this project in early 2013 as a radio show for an unmentionable network.  I left that network to venture off on my own.  Initially this was going to be simply an outlet for show reviews and op-ed pieces, but it is turning into so much more.  This is becoming a machine.  After bringing someone in to work alongside myself, we now have our first hosted show in conjunction with Motorbreath Entertainment taking place at Dirty Dog on January 25th, 2014 in Austin, TX.  I am absolutely honored and privledged to be able to host the level of talent and musicianship this show holds.


The Black Moriah.
Plutonian Shore.

It will truly be a night to remember for a variety of reasons.   The show is free and is for you.

Now there’s a reason I typically like to stay behind the scenes and have contributing columnists.  I’m not much of a writer.  I enjoy the music I enjoy but my writing capabilities could never do the bands that are often reviewed on this blog any justice.  Jake Holmes has been a top contributor and I thank him immensely, along with Tristan Spears, Malaking Gulo, and some guest contributors as well.  We plan to continue the show and album reviews with a primary focus on independent/local bands, but we have obviously published reviews of shows that took place in Austin/Satantonio that featured internationally known musicians.  We will continue this pattern but I’d like to provide you guys with a little bit of what is to come.

We are in the process of engineering a podcast.  The podcast will be 15-30 minutes long and will feature interviews with various locally known bands/musicians.  Eventually we plan to expand that to touring bands that come through that’d be willing to sit down with us for 5-10 minutes.  These podcasts will be structured with an introduction by Goatcraft, a short blurb from myself, a song by the featured band, a brief interview with that band, and will close with yet another song by the featured band.  The podcast interviews will be conducted by Tristan Spears.  Any bands interested in being featured on a Southern Decay Media podcast, please contact us via the e-mail below.  There will be no schedule for podcast releases at this time.  We had a couple planned over the past two months but they both fell through due to unforeseen circumstances.

We are also in the process of compiling information for bands interested in being a part of Southern Decay Media’s compilation CD to be put out in early 2014.  So far five bands have committed. We are seeking five more.  The compilation will come at no cost to any band and will be completely free to anyone that wants one.  It will feature professionally produced packaging including a ten page book detailing each band on the compilation.  200 copies will be made, some of which are already commited to be shipped to two different continents.  I want to make one thing very clear.

Southern Decay Media is not going to claim to be a label for any band on the compilation and all credit will be given where credit is due.

Bands interested, please send an e-mail to  Please include a brief bio, names of the members in your band, a picture and/or band logo, and credits to labels along with information on how to obtain your music.

In other news, my business partner and I are in the process of organizing a rather significant event to take place on August 30th, 2014.  So far we have one major name committed.  At this point we will remain silent on who that is.  We have a list of bands we are interested in for this event that we are maintaining contact/negotiations with.  No matter who it ends up being, I can guarantee you that this will not be a show to be missed.  It will be a very special occasion if all goes according to plan.

Southern Decay is always looking for show review submissions as well.  You don’t have to be a regular contributor but if you want to write something up for us, send it to the e-mail above along with pictures and/or a flyer from the event.  Please don’t forget to provide the date and venue of where the show took place.  Please also include your pen name and brief bio of yourself  for crediting purposes.

Again I’d like to personally thank each and every person that has made this tiny project become a young demon.  Keep your finger on the pulse.


Dear Leader is the founder of Southern Decay Media and has long dreamed of giving back to the community.   He typically remains silent and keeps to himself but is slowly building an empire….


Southern Decay on Facebook

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