INTERVIEW: Mike DeLeon of Disfigured, Flesh Hoarder, and M.O.D.

Interview conducted by Tristan Spears on behalf of Southern Decay Media and Motorbreath Entertainment


Disfigured - Photo

Tristan:  You were in Disfigured, one the most brutal TXDM bands to ever hit our soil. Now you’re in M.O.D. Tell us….What brought about the end of Disfigured?

Mike:  First off wanna say huge thanks for taking the time out to set up this interview. Much appreciated. The end of Disfigured came with a lot of factors. We as a band have been together for about 12 years and played with them all. Released a couple of demo’s and studio albums so I definatly gotta say we are ending on a high note. Is it the end forever, Hell no! we will be back someday! but can honestly say not sure when. What brought on this break or hiatus or whatever ya wanna call it, came the facts that we all have a ton of other stuff in our personal and professional lives. I myself have been busy with Milano and M.O.D which started taking up a huge amount of my time personally. Our bassist and brother Adam, became a first time father and who is also busy with finishing up school. Rene, our drummer, also my fkn brother, is in like 4 other bands too which are pretty busy bands. Whore of Bethleham and Scattered Remains to name a few. Rene and I also jam in Flesh hoarder together which we are still keeping it going. Our other guitarist in Disfigured, Phil king, is also a member of WOB, so that is keeping him going. And lastly our vocalist Ryan is doing the Scattered thing now too. So musically were all still very connected, but with all that going on, it gave us little time to focus on Disfigured as a leading band. So with that said, we are coming to an end of of long lasting run. It still amazes me and the guys knowing what kinda impact we had on some folks. We hear cool stories from around the globe saying they love Disfigured. Again, this is not the end, but a well needed break.

Tristan:  How come you just don’t stick with Flesh Hoarder?

Mike:  Flesh Hoarder is defiantly one band I’m very proud of. I love being in that band with those guys. Nothing but fun brutalizing show after show. We have also had a few bumps in the road, but rest assured, come 2014, things are just gonna get even more busy for us! Hopefully release our debut album and play anywhere and everywhere behind that album as we can. You’ll for sure hear more news from us Mexicans in Flesh hoarder.

Tristan:  What is it like playing Thrash/Crossover versus playing Death metal?( the feeling it gives you)

Mike:  Coming as a guitarist, it’s been a blast playing these thrash songs. I’m a fan of metal in general, so to go from playing brutal deathmetal to playing thrash/crossover tunes, has very much stepped up my skills on the ole guitar. Whether I’m playing either of the styles, I still get the same feeling from both. Just being up there on stage and doing what I do best and that’s FKn jamming man. Gotta for sure give a shout out tho to Billy and Tank from the M.O.D camp for shaping me up. I went in that band a death metal dude and came out an overall Metal guitarist.

Tristan:  How did you come about joining MOD and what is it like playing in MOD?

Mike:  I get asked this question pretty often. When billy first moved to the Austin area back in like ’07, him and I immediately hit it off as friends. He was always a cool dude and we always kept in touch. Used to run our sound for Disfigured at Headhunters. I was always a fan of S.O.D/M.O.D so it was awesome having Milano live right up the road from me. Prolly a year and a half ago now, I got hit up by Mike Arellano who drums for the band, saying billy was interested in putting the band back together and he asked if I would be down to jam on guitar. I remember sitting at my mother in laws kitchen table, being floored with the fact that I was getting asked to play for billy and M.O.D. Without any hesitation, I said yes. The rest is history…


Tristan:  What’s it like working with Billy Milano?

Mike:  Here’s another one I get asked a lot. Haha. Working with this guy has been like going to Rock N Roll Bootcamp and the drill Sargent is Billy Milano. Dude has so many tricks of the road for on and off the stage. It has made me become a more professional musician and made me think more widely about the way things get done with a band. Lots of crazy stories from the road  already as well. Dudes a pretty smart guy and pretty man funny. Sometimes it hits me when I’m up on stage there and look over and there’s billy screaming his heart out while we’re jamming on S.O.D.’s Fuck the Middle East. Pretty surreal.

Tristan:  Can we expect a new MOD record anytime in the future or at least new songs?

Mike:  New songs are in the works for a possible new album and or E.P. Can’t wait to be apart of that as well.


Tristan Spears was born into a religious family and found his escape in metal at young age. At 15 he hit the open road and traveled all over the U.S. and Canada bangin as many chicks as possible to the best metal every written. Six years ago he arrived in Austin, TX and made it his home. In 2010 he started Motorbreath Entertainment as way to help his friends bands get good shows. It took off quickly and he has booked such acts as Destruction, Exhorder, WARBEAST, Heathen, 3 inches of blood, and many, many more

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Disfigured - Photo

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